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From the President

As I reflect on the past year, never has our industry endured the challenges in which we do today. Never have we faced such well-funded, coordinated, and tenacious opponents as we do now. Never could we even anticipate the scale in which we are experiencing these battles. We do not just see these attacks on one parish or city but rather in every corner of the state, in Congress, in the Capitol, and in the courtrooms. It is no exaggeration when I say that we are under a full-scale assault, and our very livelihoods hang in the balance.

The purpose of an association is to advocate, communicate, and work on your behalf. Your job is to show up, offer what you are willing, and to elect proper leadership. There has never been a more pivotal time in the history of our industry and never a more important time for our association. We are an association full of amazing people and exceptional talent, but in the eyes of the bail agents across the great State of Louisiana, ALBU was looked at as an association that dealt with only legislation, pre-licensing, continuing education, and not helping the agent in the field. The ALBU board has recognized this fact and is taking actions to correct the issue and develop winning strategies that will help our industry survive this attack.

Your choice is clear as an agent whether you are participating, non-participating member or non-member of ALBU. Each one of you must decide if you want to continue the future of bail here in Louisiana or sit back and watch it go by the wayside.

Now is your opportunity to join with other bail agents across the state who have made the decision to join ALBU financially and offer their talents, services, and relationships formed over the years to help preserve the bail industry. To those of you who have given your time, energy, and financial resources to the cause, I thank you.

To the rest of the bail agents in the State, I hope you will join the team and become engaged. ALBU and the industry needs you. Please join us in becoming a member today!

- Stephen Adams, ALBU President

Who We Are

The Association of Louisiana Bail Underwriters (ALBU) was formed in 1990 as the professional association representing Louisiana bail agents. ALBU works to provide legislative advocacy, professional networking, prelicensing, continuing education, and the development of the profession in Louisiana. Learn more about our organization here.